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4 Elements to Consider for Your Website Design

You’ve been thinking about it for a while. Your business should have an online presence. A website! And if you could even sell your products and services online! Could it help increase your sales?! Your tech-savvy nephew can create one for you inexpensively, right?

Be cautious when “shopping around” for the company or person to design it. Some people claim to be graphic designers or developers. Reviewing their portfolio and confirming how long they’ve been in the field should be part of your basic selection criteria.

For a website to work well on the web, not just technically but also as a sales tool, it needs to bring together several elements.

Visual Design

It should reflect the professional aspect of your company, your brand image. It shouldn’t look like it was created in the 90s either!

Content Writing

The English used on the site itself must be impeccable. One or two mistakes among the thousands of words on your site might be forgivable… but not if they’re glaring!

Also, pay attention to everywhere you write: social media, posters, brochures… If French isn’t your strong suit, have them written or reviewed by qualified individuals. Your company’s image will be better off for it!


Rule number 1 for online purchases: ensure that the website has a security certificate.

Another example not to follow: during our last visit to the restaurant’s website mentioned earlier, no security certificate was activated on the site.


Behind the visual appearance of the site lies the code. This can be done using a CMS (like WordPress, Wix, etc.) or custom-built with personalized code. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice should be made by weighing the pros and cons of each option based on your future vision for the site. We previously explained the preferred option at PointPub Media: sites with custom code. It’s worth noting that a CMS-based site is still possible if the client prefers it. You just need to understand the implications.

In short, not everyone can be an instant graphic designer or web developer. Why not invest right away for a beautiful and effective result? Trying to save in one place often ends up costing more elsewhere! Feel free to inquire about the possibilities at PointPub Media. Our team can advise you and design a site according to your needs.