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The industrial and technological revolution is taking full control of how businesses operate. 10RUPTiV is a multidisciplinary agency that uses industrial tools to bring out their full potential. Working for decades, she has great experience and brings real added value.

Creative, technological, strategic, Web and Information Technology (IT) specialist, 10RUPTiV has a qualified staff that creates tailor-made solutions to adapt to your realities.

With a company offering its services in the city of Granby, how can this agency be useful in terms of infrastructure (infra) and application development? The answer is here!

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IT Solutions in Granby


Infra is one of the main services that 10RUPTiV offers. This service has three components: Industry 4.0, IT management and outsourcing, and security and networks.

10RUPTiV Communications is a digital company that closely follows the evolution and development of new communication technologies. Industry 4.0 is an integral part of this monitoring. It is no longer enough to add new high-performance machines to a factory to improve its results. These installations must be accompanied by new digital technologies to increase productivity. For companies in Granby, Industry 4.0 symbolizes the intelligence of operating modes and working methods.

Industry 4.0 solves planning problems within the company. It allows forecasting at all levels. Thus, we avoid unforeseen events that could slow down production and plunge the company into inactivity. Using Industry 4.0 means increasing, improving and optimizing productivity thanks to new digital technologies. Industry 4.0 contributes to the standardization and simplification of the company’s processes.

Outsourcing, for efficient IT management

IT outsourcing is a process that involves entrusting the management of an IT infrastructure to a company specializing in the field. This allows more time to be spent on routine activities.

With 10RUPTiV, you benefit from the services of a team of competent experts with many years of experience. They are trained on the latest technological advances available on the market. 10RUPTiV takes advantage of the latest software updates and new technological equipment and processes.

Outsourcing with 10RUPTiV ensures you personalized expert services. In Granby and elsewhere, adopt these services for efficient IT management of your infrastructures.


No matter the size of your business, 10RUPTiV analyzes every detail and assesses every need. So, it provides the appropriate and optimal technical solutions. With over 25 years of experience, we are able to handle any project.

Technical assistance and support

By using our services for the installation of your IT structure or as part of a contract, you benefit from quality full-time support. Indeed, 10RUPTiV offers excellent after-sales service. If your company’s technological infrastructure is down, the team of experts available is able to intervene remotely or on site.

The goal is to give you satisfaction as soon as possible, regardless of the nature of the problem. With 10RUPTiV, you have at your disposal an expert to meet your technical support needs.

Backup and security of your data

Data backup and security are crucial to business performance. 10RUPTiV ensures its customers a highly secure quality service. By implementing complex security protocols, our experts protect against intrusions and attacks. In Granby, you will ideally enjoy this experience.

Security and networks

The Security and Networks pane takes into account several aspects whose implementation ensures the security of your network. The different aspects are:

  • IT monitoring;
  • le VPN (Virtual Private Network);
  • firewall and anti-spam;
  • Web filtering and access management;
  • structured cabling;
  • IP telephony.


In highly competitive environments, running a business is even less easy. In these contexts, better tools are needed to ensure the sustainability of its activities. Aware of this, 10RUPTiV puts at your disposal qualified professionals to help find solutions adapted to its needs. We are the reference in IT. With the guidance of our professionals, you can make the most of your software.

Very experienced in the field of IT, we are able to make a custom application/ software development. We customize software to meet your business needs. Given your habits, we can create tools to link existing software, in order to optimize processes. Inevitably, these actions increase productivity.

With our expertise, we adapt to your environment to help you find solutions that meet your expectations. Our developers use various skills to satisfy you. Whatever the particularity of your project, we show an impressive speed to realize your ideas.

A company’s competitiveness requires a stronger online presence. Also, it is maintained by a constant improvement of its processes. 10RUPTiV provides professionals you can count on at any time. Adopt the skills of our agency for the design of all kinds of software. They can help with the financial management of your business in Granby. With 10RUPTiV, you benefit from professional and personalized support.

10RUPTiV is an excellent industrial and technological business coach. Available around the world, it offers quality services that keep businesses on the path to prosperity

10RUPTiV is an excellent industrial and technological business coach. Available around the world, it offers quality services that keep businesses on the path to prosperity.