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In the field of information systems, the choice of technological infrastructures is of strategic importance since it makes it possible to strengthen the growth and development of a company. To benefit from the prerogatives offered by the provision of good IT tools, you must be assisted by a specialized company like 10RUPTiV. Thanks to its experts, this company is responsible for making your technological component a real success thanks to your ambitions and your company in Vaudreuil. Discover in the suite the services we offer.

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Computer solutions for businesses in Vaudreuil


Also known as the industry of the future, Industry 4.0 is a new technology that allows to order the means of production. It brings together the virtual world with real world products and things. The industry of the future thus solves the planning difficulties in an organization. This new technology makes it possible to anticipate and prevent unforeseen conditions that could slow down the company’s production. It also makes it possible to anticipate unforeseen situations that can plunge the company into inactivity.

The industry of the future also contributes to the regularization and simplification of the different working methods of the company. In addition, it makes it possible to gather information and make it available using a junction between software and devices.

Different customized solutions in Vaudreuil

In order to make Industry 4.0 functional within your company, the experts at 10RUPTiV have developed and employ several means and technologies. To meet the needs of each company, they use several customized solutions. These include industrial home automation. This customized solution makes it possible to industrialize and bring together several processes, such as communication, facility operation and IT, within the company.

Another technology is the introduction of sensors into your computer systems to predict their weaknesses. Increased data analysis is also part of the customized solutions. This solution allows you to make your business more productive. Cyber-physical systems are also used to ensure better control of physical developments.


IT outsourcing brings together all the outsourcing services offered to companies, which would like to delegate part or all of the management of their IT resources to a specialized company. By choosing the 10RUPTiV outsourcing formula, you will benefit from personalized services provided by competent experts. You can choose to outsource the management, maintenance and integration of your various IT infrastructures.

In addition, you can choose to outsource the security of your computer networks, the maintenance of your workstations, programming, IT monitoring and the development of websites and software. The company also updates and renews licences. It also implements techniques related to computer management.


10RUPTiV is at your disposal for the analysis of the condition of your organization. Consultation is an important step in which the team of this agency tries to understand your expectations and your IT needs. To help you succeed in your project, it gives you adapted technological solutions. With over 25 years of experience, she has the ability to solve any problem. If you opt for the mentor service in the field, you will benefit from the advice and appreciation of its experts during the installation of your IT infrastructure.

Technical assistance and support in Vaudreuil

If you request 10RUPTiV for a total or partial outsourcing of your IT or for the installation of your IT infrastructure, you will benefit from quality support. Indeed, the agency offers its customers a unique after-sales support. If you opt for the emergency technical support service, you will receive specialist assistance 24/7.


Security and data protection are among the points that you should not neglect in business. When 10RUPTiV supports the management of your IT component, it ensures a very secure quality service. The team of this company makes a point of preventing threats of loss of your computer data through encrypted backups.


Your customers’ data and your company’s data are important and must therefore be protected. Aware of this, the experts at 10RUPTiV provide IT monitoring of your industrial equipment with adapted solutions. Thus, to protect your infrastructures, they use a private VPN or a web filtering system. These professionals do everything possible so that structured cabling and IP telephony become your everyday companions.