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Within a company, there are ways and means of ensuring that activities evolve smoothly and appropriately. Industry 4.0 complements this by offering platforms and solutions that help you better plan all aspects of your company’s life. Let’s immerse ourselves in this new technological world for business.

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Corporate IT solutions in Deux-Montagnes


Managing a company involves planning all aspects at various levels in a well-defined process. In particular, prioritizing tasks enables effective and efficient management of work and the entire company structure. The new methods used, in this case Industry 4.0, tend to provide the necessary platform for the prevention and effective management of all eventualities within an entity.

Implemented within companies, Industry 4.0 helps to centralize the information disseminated by the network and then interpret it with a view to providing optimal solutions. The means employed by this technology can be summed up as follows:

  • Home automation: a method of automating all areas of a company’s activity by networking them. In particular, it enables different key areas of the company to be linked up;
  • Warning sensors: infra allows the use of sensors that can be inserted directly into your machines. Their role will be to give warning signals in real time to prevent possible failures;
  • Data analysis: to monitor the entire production process and provide real-time data for rapid decision-making;
  • The use of cyber-physical systems: a means of controlling all industrial processes.

To implement all these processes in your company, you’ll need qualified personnel to monitor them. You can also simply call on specialists in the field. 10RUPTiV is one of these specialists, ready to meet your needs.

Outsourcing for efficient IT management

Outsourcing is a method of delegating IT management to a specialized structure. By entrusting us with your IT management, we guarantee you personalized services from experts with a wealth of experience and skills. IT outsourcing can be total or partial, and can cover the following tasks: management, maintenance and integration of IT infrastructures; securing computer networks; maintenance of your workstations; management of your licenses and software; implementation of management planning; creation and development of websites and software; IT programming and monitoring.


Well before implementing any computerized system, it’s a good idea to first carry out a diagnosis to find out how to respond effectively. Working in close collaboration with your organization, our team at 10RUPTiV will carry out this diagnosis to find appropriate technological solutions. We also offer a mentoring service, so you can benefit from our expertise and advice throughout the project.

Technical assistance and support

Choosing 10RUPTiV to manage your IT guarantees you the availability of a suitable and ideal platform on a full-time basis. What’s more, depending on the options you choose, you’ll benefit from 24-hour assistance with a specialist on hand to provide technical support whenever you need it.

Data backup and security

Safeguarding and securing your company’s IT data is not something to be neglected. Thanks to a sophisticated encryption system, all your data is protected against any attack from inside or outside the company.

Security and network

This involves above all the design and implementation of customized software uniquely adapted to your structure. A company aiming for excellence and long-term development needs to invest in technological development:

  • IT monitoring ;
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) design ;
  • Firewall installation and anti-spam ;
  • Web filtering and access management ;
  • Structured cabling ;
  • IP telephony.

All this technology is deployed in companies for efficient IT management and network security.


Today’s business world is highly competitive, and the race is on to perform. Every business leader is on the lookout for new, high-performance tools capable of delivering convincing results in the short term. As each company is unique, it’s important that you benefit from appropriate, personalized support to effectively meet your needs.

At 10RUPTiV, we provide you with qualified professionals who can help you find solutions tailored to your specific needs. What’s more, our team of experienced programmers can provide you with tailor-made software to save you time and money.

With 25 years’ experience, our enterprise software development agency, based just outside the city of Deux-Montagnes, can help you integrate the best tools into your IT department. We are undoubtedly a reference in the field of application development, and the software we develop is customized to meet your company’s precise needs.

The sole objective of 10RUPTiV is to enable our customers to benefit from our expertise and grow efficiently. Our team can adjust, if necessary, to your environment to help you find solutions in perfect harmony with your expectations. Last but not least, you can count on our agency to provide you with high-performance solutions, whether for accounting, billing or inventory software. 10RUPTiV is the best technology solutions agency to support you in your project.