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More than a necessity, the use of technological infrastructures is a prerequisite for the success of companies and the fulfillment of the ambitions of their managers. By equipping your technology sector with resources that enable it to function consistently and efficiently, you’ll be able to carry out your day-to-day activities with fluidity and precision. Take advantage of 10RUPTiV’s expertise in Blainville to build a resourceful technology infrastructure tailored to your needs. In addition to the hardware, this agency also provides network and software management, so you can quickly achieve the results you’re looking for.

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IT solutions for businesses in Blainville


Industry 4.0 is a new technology that solves planning problems within the company. It enables the company to anticipate and avoid situations that would slow down production or bring it to a halt. This makes Industry 4.0 a fast, predictable and, above all, preventive solution to a company’s technological problems. It also helps to simplify and standardize your company’s processes. It also enables you to centralize, and above all make available to all your employees, the data they need, using appropriate hardware and software.

Customized solutions in Blainville

Setting up and running an Industry 4.0 is only possible through the use of well-defined resources and technologies. These are customized solutions, designed to ensure that your business runs smoothly. These resources include :

  • Industrial home automation: this involves improving many aspects of industry to make the company more efficient. It is most often applied to lighting, security, procurement, production, etc. Industrial home automation also enables the automation and centralization of a company’s operating processes. To do this, it intervenes in IT, plant operation, communication and many other areas of your organization.
  • Fault-prevention sensors: these are monitoring devices that are attached to your computer systems or machines to warn you of any malfunctions that need to be dealt with.
  • Advanced data analysis: meticulous processing of statistics and real data from your production lines to make your business more productive.
  • The use of cyber-physical systems: this is the use of intelligent technologies that enable better control and optimal operation of your company’s physical processes. It is based on feedback to improve services and correct errors.


The practice of entrusting the management of an organization’s IT operations to a company specialized in the field, IT outsourcing delivers customized services and satisfactory results. It can be applied in whole or in part to the following tasks:

  • Programming ;
  • IT Monitoring ;
  • Workstation maintenance ;
  • Software and website development ;
  • Implementation of various IT management strategies ;
  • Renewal of licenses and updates ;
  • Network security ;
  • Management, maintenance and integration of various IT infrastructures.


A key step in the success of any project, the 10RUPTiV consultation consists of assessing your company’s situation in Blainville, understanding its IT needs and expectations, and then proposing appropriate and, above all, adapted solutions. With a quarter of a century of experience, our agency is certainly the service provider capable of satisfying your requirements in this field. You can also take advantage of 10RUPTiV’s technology mentoring service to benefit fully from our advice and expertise in setting up your IT infrastructures.

Assistance and technical support in Blainville

When you call on 10RUPTiV to outsource your IT tasks or set up your technological infrastructure, you benefit from quality assistance whenever you need it. To this end, the agency offers you competent after-sales support. When you opt for emergency technical support and assistance, you’ll have a specialist on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to solve your every problem.


In a high-performance company, data security and backup are sensitive issues that must not be overlooked. That’s why, by entrusting 10RUPTiV with the management of your IT component, you’re giving yourself top-quality resources for the preservation of your data. Thanks to the encrypted data backups that this company carries out, you are safe from any inconvenience that could affect your hardware or software infrastructures. This is only possible by preventing the risk of data loss. 10RUPTiV spares no effort to offer the best service in this field.

Security and networks

This multi-faceted component guarantees the secure operation of your IT processes. It provides you with :

  • IT monitoring
  • VPN
  • Access management and Web filtering
  • Anti-spam and the firewall
  • IP telephony
  • Structured cabling

By working with 10RUPTiV, you can ensure that your IT infrastructure is well managed!