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IT support and consulting in Mirabel

Technological infrastructure covers the installations and equipment essential for the use of information and computer technologies. 10RUPTiV is a company dedicated to making your technological infrastructure a success in the service of your company and your ambitions. The experts at our agency are committed to the successful structuring and integration of your IT infrastructure in Mirabel. Find out more about the services offered by our agency, 10RUPTiV, in Mirabel.

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IT Solutions for Business Mirabel


Also known as the industry of the future, Industry 4.0 is a new way of organizing production resources. It sees the virtual world coming together with real-world products and tools. This new technology solves planning problems within the company. In fact, it makes it possible to anticipate and avoid unforeseen situations that could slow down production or plunge the company into inactivity.

The industry of the future is thus preventive, predictable and fast. It helps to regularize and simplify the company’s various processes. It also enables information to be centralized and made available by connecting devices and software.

Customized solutions at Mirabel

Several means and technologies have been implemented and are employed to make Industry 4.0 possible and functional, within your companies. A wide range of customized solutions are used. First among these is industrial home automation, which automates and centralizes various processes such as communication, plant operation, IT and others, within the company.

The industry of the future introduces sensors into your machines or IT systems to prevent failures. Increased data analysis is also a customized solution to make your business more productive. Cyber-physical systems are also used to ensure better control of physical processes within industry.


IT outsourcing is a set of outsourcing services offered to companies wishing to entrust all or part of their IT resource management to a specialized company. By opting for outsourcing with us, you’ll benefit from personalized services provided by experienced and competent experts. You can choose to outsource the management, maintenance and integration of your various IT infrastructures.

You can also choose to outsource network security, workstation maintenance, programming, IT monitoring, website and software development. We also carry out upgrades, renew licenses and implement IT management techniques.


The experts at 10RUPTiV are also available to analyze your company’s situation. Since consultation is an important step in the success of your project, our team will understand your IT needs and expectations, and provide you with the right technological solutions. With over 25 years’ experience, we can handle any project in the industry. By opting for our technology mentoring service, you’ll benefit from our advice and expertise during the installation of your IT infrastructure.

Technical assistance and support in Mirabel

By offering you our services for the installation of your IT structure, or for total or partial outsourcing of your IT, you benefit from quality assistance at all times. In fact, we offer you unique and competent after-sales support. If you choose our emergency technical support service, you’ll be assisted by a specialist every day of the week, 24 hours a day.


In business, you can’t afford to neglect the security and protection of your data. When 10RUPTiV takes over the management of your IT systems, we guarantee you a top-quality, highly secure service. In fact, we make it a point of honor to prevent the risk of losing your data through encrypted backups.

Security and networks

Your company’s data and those of your customers are important. With this in mind, our team provides IT monitoring for your industrial infrastructures, using solutions tailored to your situation. To optimize and protect your infrastructures, we can use a private VPN for your company or a web filtering system. We also do our utmost to make structured cabling and IP telephony your everyday allies.