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10RUPTiV is composed of specialists with excellent areas of expertise for companies. Among other things, they deal with all industry tools and technological infrastructures. Whether hardware, networks or software, 10RUPTiV experts offer tailor-made and quality solutions. They aim to achieve optimal performance.

These services are accessible for businesses in St-Mathieu de Belœil. Discover the offers and services of this giant of industry and technology for companies.

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IT Solutions St-Mathieu-De-Beloeil

INFRA and outsourcing in St-Mathieu

The majority of planning problems within companies are solved thanks to the emergence of the Industry 4.0 concept. This new technology offers the advantage of predicting at all levels. Thus, it avoids many unforeseen situations capable of causing a slowdown in the company’s production. This technology is fast, effective and very preventive. Industry 4.0 also makes it possible to standardize and simplify the different methods of the company. It gathers information to make it available by connecting devices and software appropriately.

There are a multitude of methods and technologies used to make Industry 4.0 operational in companies. These different solutions operate at various levels. For example, industrial home automation is changing industries in terms of security, production, lighting and supply.

Thanks to industrial automation, the various processes in the company are centralized and automated. With 10RUPTiV, you make the best experience in different regions including the city of St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil. In addition, Industry 4.0 installs monitoring solutions in machines and computer systems that alert in case of any malfunctions.

For these functions, many sensors are adopted. Also, the increased analysis of the company’s data aims to make the company much more productive. It goes through various stages of production. It uses real data and statistical facts.

As for cyber-physical systems, their use provides much more effective control of the various physical processes within a structure. These systems correct errors by using a reverse power supply.

Outsourcing for efficient IT management

IT outsourcing is a method of delegating the management of various IT activities to a structure specialized in the field. With 10RUPTiV, outsourcing provides personalized services with terrible efficiency. It is done with specialists with excellent skills, so you have the option to outsource multiple tasks. These include the management, integration and maintenance of the various IT structures.

In addition, the security of your computer networks, the maintenance of workstations, the implementation of updates and the renewal of licenses are part of the tasks for outsourcing. In addition, you can choose to outsource tasks such as implementing various strategies for IT management, website and software development, IT programming and monitoring.


10RUPTiV professionals effectively assess situations. So, they understand the expectations and needs in IT in order to propose the optimal technological solutions. These specialists are able to satisfy you, whatever your project. Opting for 10RUPTiV allows you to make the most of the advice of qualified experts both for the installation of industrial infrastructures and for the implementation of new efficient technologies.

Technical assistance and support

Adopting 10RUPTiV’s services for the installation of your IT structure or for the outsourcing of your IT allows you to benefit from quality support. This outsourcing can be total or partial. In case you opt for the emergency technical support service, you can benefit from the services of a specialist at any time of the day.

Backup and security of your data

Data protection, security and backup are crucial for the life and growth of companies. By choosing 10RUPTiV for the management of your company’s IT architecture, you opt for safe, quality and highly secure services. These services are available in the city of St-Mathieu de Belœil.

Backups that can be encrypted, made by the specialists of this structure, protect themselves from many problems that can affect an IT architecture. Preventing the risk of data loss is one of the most important tasks of 10RUPTiV professionals.

Security and networks

The security and networks part has many aspects. Their implementation promotes the functioning of processes with great security. IT monitoring is essential within companies. Also, the VPN is an almost indispensable software to ensure the security and protection of corporate systems on online networks. In addition, the use of firewalls and anti-spam helps ensure enterprise network security.

In addition, web filtering and access management serve to limit access to resources and sensitive data for the company. Structured cabling is a process that occurs during the construction or renovation of a company’s premises. IP telephony is a method of communication that transforms voices into data available through the Internet.


Today, running a business is relatively complex. The ideal is to have the best tools to ensure the proper functioning of your business. 10RUPTiV provides professionals who can help find the right solutions for all needs, regardless of the business sector. 10RUPTiV specializes in the development of software for companies.

It is also available in St-Mathieu de Belœil and its goal is to optimize processes in order to gain productivity. This company blends into your environment to offer quick solutions that meet your expectations. With 10RUPTiV, benefit from professional and personalized help giving excellent guarantees.