Having a mobile application these days is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. These applications are useful for webmarketing and other digital activities. They make a company’s brand mobile, whatever the prospect’s geolocation. They also help companies increase their online visibility and target their prospects by gathering information.

The mobile application is a tool for keeping track of the life of a business, and for giving it greater visibility. 10RUPTiV is a multidisciplinary agency that is qualified to publish applications. In fact, we offer a variety of mobile application development services on different platforms.


10RUPTiV is based on Montreal’s North Shore. The agency has considerable expertise in creating mobile applications. Once your idea has been defined, 10RUPTiV takes care of Mobile Application Development, putting you in touch with exceptional business opportunities. 10RUPTiV’s development service covers all aspects of mobile application programming, based on the specific needs of our customers.

What’s more, different products are developed and can be offered on the various platforms required. Our team is able to exploit all the functionalities available on mobile devices and integrate them into the application. 10RUPTiV is made up of a team of enthusiasts who will meet your most demanding expectations.

Mobile application development, phone, Android and iPhone applications, geolocation and motion detection products

10RUPTiV uses cutting-edge tools to deliver customized applications that can run on a variety of mobile platforms. 10RUPTiV offers native applications for their efficiency and practicality. These applications are functional on IOS and Android operating systems. These are phone apps that you can use on smartphones, tablets and Android or iPhone devices.

The development of these applications allows you to benefit from functionalities such as accelerometer, geolocation or motion detection. 10RUPTiV takes care of implementing these modules on your applications, so that your company’s prospects can follow you and vice-versa. What’s more, you can increase and trigger actions or purchases.

These applications are easy to download on many popular download platforms. And if you’re looking for a web application or a hybrid application, i.e. one that’s both mobile and web-based, 10RUPTiV is the perfect solution.

From idea to store

The development of your mobile app is an adventure that begins long before the first line of code and continues long after the app has gone live on the stores. Whether for Android or iOS, the approach to each project requires a thorough understanding of the user’s needs and the key features that will make the app both useful and attractive.

Developing a mobile app is a complex digital project that requires technical expertise, a thorough understanding of user needs and a solid marketing strategy to ensure its success. Whether you want to create a native app for iOS or Android, or develop bespoke mobile apps, there are several key steps and considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure your app runs smoothly and maximizes its added value.

Step 1: Design and planning

It all starts with an idea. The mobile development agency, in collaboration with you, defines the essential functionalities, the desired user experience (UX) and the app’s interface (UI). This is the time to decide whether you’re going to create a native app, specifically designed for Android with Java or Kotlin, or for iOS with Swift or Objective-C, ensuring better performance and an optimal user experience.

Step 2: Development and programming

Developers step in to code the application. Using native programming languages such as Swift for iOS or Kotlin for Android, they can customize the experience and integrate advanced features such as geolocation. This step is crucial to ensure that the application works smoothly on different screen sizes, whether on phone or tablet.

Step 3: Testing and updating

Once applications have been developed, a series of tests is necessary to ensure their reliability. Testing the application on different devices and operating systems helps to identify and correct bugs before going live. After launch, updates are essential to integrate new functionalities, improve the interface or correct errors, guaranteeing continued, satisfying use for the user.

Stage 4: Launch and promotion

Mobile app development culminates in its launch on the Play Store for Android apps, or the App Store for Apple apps. But creating apps and making them available to users is only half the battle. It’s also crucial to promote the app through your website, social networks, or any other relevant platform to attract users.

Every stage of mobile development is punctuated by a constant duty to ensure an ergonomic and engaging user experience. Knowing how to listen to user feedback, and being ready to adapt and personalize applications according to this feedback, is fundamental to the success of an app in a rapidly evolving market.

Performance tools

The creation of applications is done with sophisticated and reliable tools. 10RUPTiV adds its personal touch with the latest generation software. In addition to using technical tools, the team invests in understanding the customer’s needs and expectations. In this way, the creation of the application is oriented towards an innovative goal, while also meeting the objectives that prompted the choice of application development.

If, for example, you want to turn your application into a stand-alone application offering specific services, 10RUPTiV can provide the right support. The team will be able to offer you features tailored to your needs. The same applies when you need to meet mobility requirements or develop specific business functionalities.

10RUPTiV also works with you to define the application format best suited to your project, and suggests the right tool to use it. For each project, 10RUPTiV focuses on understanding requirements and constraints. For each need, appropriate solutions are proposed. 10RUPTiV puts all its expertise to work to guarantee unique, reliable applications.

Customized mobile applications

We work with you to create your application. The 10RUPTiV team is with you every step of the way. Close follow-up is a priority. Communication between your team and the 10RUPTiV team is ongoing.

10RUPTiV maintains a close relationship with its customers, from project definition through to completion and delivery. What’s more, your application is customized and unique to your project. Applications are designed to match your needs and requirements. 10RUPTiV listens to you and guarantees your satisfaction, based on your needs and expectations.

Scalable mobile applications

10RUPTiV ensures that your application evolves in line with your initial objectives. To do this, codes are installed in modular form. These codes also ensure application maintenance. Your application is updated in line with changes within your company.

Whether it’s a change in your teams, your objectives, the issues at stake, or the processes newly integrated into your organization’s online management, your application evolves with you. 10RUPTiV provides the right, high-performance software to keep your application running over the long term. 10RUPTiV strengthens its capabilities to provide you with even better service, thanks to its dynamic information watch.

Thoughtful answers to everyday questions

10RUPTiV has the capacity to handle all kinds of applications for all sectors of activity. The team can therefore develop business applications to manage production, exchanges or monitoring.

Once a project is clearly defined, 10RUTPiV spares no effort in implementing it. 10RUPTiV’s vision of providing valuable support to its customers is based on meticulous project analysis. This enables us to deliver well-thought-out, finished results.

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