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10RUPTiV specializes in dynamic, business-critical sectors. With 25 years’ experience, we provide tailor-made solutions in the fields of industry and technology. Whether it’s creativity, strategy, technology, websites or, above all, the environment, our agency offers the best guarantees to support you.

Whether in Laval or anywhere in the world, 10RUPTiV can help you boost your performance and achieve optimum productivity. Find out more about our two main services: infra and application development!

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IT solutions for Laval businesses


Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the world of business. It provides concrete solutions for better structural planning. The aim of this solution of the future is to anticipate any unforeseen events that could slow down operations. Industry 4.0 is predictable, preventive and fast.

Thanks to the standardization and simplification of many company processes, the industry of the future makes all data accessible by connecting it ideally to the entire system. To ensure that Industry 4.0 functions optimally, various means and technologies are adopted. These include :

  • Industrial home automation: home automation in the industrial sector brings effective changes to lighting, security, production and more. It automates and centralizes various processes within a structure. The sectors covered by industrial home automation include communication, IT and plant operation.
  • Efficient sensors to prevent malfunctions: against malfunctions, Industry 4.0 provides monitoring methods for early detection of disturbances in devices and IT installations.
  • Increased data analysis: this analysis is carried out throughout the production process. It is based on tangible data and statistical facts. The ultimate aim is to enable your company to To harness the full potential of Industry 4.0, 10RUPTiV offers a wide range of services, particularly in Laval.

Efficient IT management with outsourcing

IT outsourcing is a well-known strategy in the corporate world. It involves delegating the management of IT tasks to an expert agency. By choosing our company for outsourcing, you can be sure of benefiting from the very best services. These include

  • IT monitoring ;
  • Computer network security ;
  • Programming ;
  • Upgrades and license renewals;
  • Workstation maintenance.

10RUPTiV’s services and interventions are much broader in these areas of revolutionary industry and computer technology. They are carried out by real professionals with a wealth of experience.


In the event of breakdowns and crises, you can call on us for advice. At 10RUPTiV, we assess your entire system and processes to fully understand your IT requirements. On this basis, we propose the right technology solutions for your business. With more than 25 years’ experience, our work is beyond reproach, enabling you to achieve far greater productivity.

Technical assistance and support

Installing IT devices is a delicate process that should be handled by specialists. With our services, you’ll benefit from high-quality support and technical assistance throughout the entire process. What’s more, whether you require full or partial outsourcing, our team of experts is available 24/7 to respond to your emergencies.

Data backup and security

To preserve and develop a business, it’s imperative to ensure the security and backup of your data. That’s why 10RUPTiV can take care of everything to do with your company’s IT system. With this high-quality service, you can be sure of having a secure IT system.

Our services are flexible, enabling companies to benefit from the best possible service at a reasonable price. Our services prevent malfunctions that could hamper business operations.

Security and networks

The security and network aspect is just as decisive. It ensures the smooth operation of all security-related devices within the company. To do this, it takes into account :

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) ;
  • Firewall and anti-spam ;
  • Web filtering and access management ;
  • Structured cabling, which can be installed when building or renovating premises ;
  • IP telephony.

These different parameters are decisive in providing a certain guarantee of network security. But more is needed. Generally speaking, it’s vital to put in place a real strategy for optimum security of your IT system.


With the advances in technology, companies are becoming increasingly efficient and effective. As a result, competition is fierce, and it’s essential to have the best tools to keep up. With 10RUPTiV in Laval, you benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals. They offer excellent software solutions that are ideally suited to your company’s needs and expectations.

Our team of programmers designs efficient and optimal software that helps you save considerable costs. Based on Montreal’s North Shore, our agency excels in enterprise software development. Our experience in the IT field enables us to carry out customized application/software development. What’s more, 10RUPTiV makes customer satisfaction a priority.

To make your business more competitive, you can opt for professional support tailored to your needs. Whatever aspect of your business you wish to optimize, you can count on 10RUPTiV’s skills and expertise.