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Digital tools have now become indispensable for any company that wants to grow and succeed these days. In fact, any corporate communication strategy needs to include tech tools and cloud-based solutions. Your communication strategy should therefore take into account your online presence, how your brand is presented, and the implementation of your technological infrastructure. If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry. 10RUPTiV can simplify it all for you. With more than 25 years of experience, our agency guarantees high-quality, personalized services to support your IT department. Read on to find out more about everything our agency has to offer and the solutions we can build to help organizations with their online marketing.


If your company’s business model includes the sale of products or services, you need to spend part of your time trying to increase your reach to potential clients. This is where the Web can help. The basis of your online strategy should be all about strengthening your online presence. One efficient way to do so is to increase your website’s ranking when it appears on search engines. You shouldn’t neglect this key part of your communication strategy because bear in mind that these days, simply offering products and services adapted to the needs of clients is no longer sufficient. You need to increase your visibility and grow your online audience to enable users to find you more easily on search engines such as Google. That’s why Web positioning is so important.

With 10RUPTiV’s tech experts, you’ll be able to enjoy tailored support to get the most out of tools that can guarantee the success of your online marketing plan. Our agency has developed an outstanding reputation thanks to our SEO skills. For instance, we can:

  • Design websites with organic referencing in mind for search engines
  • Identify the best strategies to optimize organic referencing or increase your online presence with paid ad campaigns
  • Support you to measure and analyze your website’s users with customized tools developed by our agency


If you want to make your activities more profitable, increase the reach of your brand, and improve your professional image, you should look into creating profiles on various social media platforms. But it’s one thing to open accounts on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Pinterest, it’s quite another to use them in a way that makes you stand out. Our agency will provide you with the best advice and strategies for social media. With 10RUPTiV, you’ll avoid falling into the traps that are associated with these novel media channels and if you want, our professionals can even support you from the get-go: we can help you open your social media accounts and we will be by your side every step of the way thereafter.

At 10RUPTiV, we have the expertise and experience with social media to advise you in the best use of these platforms. Concretely, we can help you reach the following objectives:

  • Broaden your audience and increase the size of your customer base
  • Improve your reputation on social media
  • Keep your information and data up to date with novel technologies
  • Adapt your communication strategies in line with Web 2.0
  • Increase the visibility of your products and services on social media

Whether you’re someone who’s in the public eye or have a well-known company, join the virtual community now and you won’t regret it. The professionals at 10RUPTiV will help you unlock the full potential of social media with the right strategy. We’ll also help you publish your information at the right time. Our services will boost your virtual identity. You’ll also be able to oversee the information you publish on your official accounts and create special relationships with your fans or customers.


The visibility and success of your online image also depends on the quality of the content you publish on your websites, your newsletters, etc. 10RUPTiV will provide you with a turnkey service for all these components of your online communication strategy. We’ll not only develop your websites and mobile applications, we’ll also produce personalized graphic design and complement it with professional copywriting and proofreading services.

Managing website content

It takes a lot more than creating a website to pique the interest of Web users and generate traffic. You also need quality content. If you don’t have the skills or resources this requires, we can step in. We’ll produce high-quality content written in a style that is specifically adapted to your clients and the image you want to convey. And if you’ve written your own copy and simply want to ensure it’s up to par for the Web, we can help. 10RUPTiV will make sure the text that appears on your website and on your social media channels is up to your standards. No typos, no syntactic errors. We can also rewrite any articles that are already online in order to make them catchier or add missing points.


Newsletters are an efficient way of speaking directly to your clients while advertising the products and services you offer. With 10RUPTiV, you’ll be able to benefit from all the tools and services required to write and send professional newsletters. If you want to stand out from your competitors and make sure you capture the attention of readers, you need the right copy. Copy adapted to newsletters. If you struggle to produce newsletter content, contact us and let us do the work. We’ll take care of the layout, images, words, and other key elements.

Social media management

It really bears repeating: your virtual identity and presence on social media is essential for promoting your organization and activities. That’s why you need to make sure you project the best image and pay special attention to the posts you publish. If you don’t have enough time, 10RUPTiV is your best bet to achieve your goals. We’ll take care of drafting your content and adapting your posts to your marketing strategy. And when it comes to publishing your posts, you can trust us to get the job done right.

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