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Having a mobile app is no longer a luxury for companies, it’s a necessity. These tools have become indispensable for Web marketing and other kinds of digital activities. They allow an organization to make its brand image accessible to anyone, whether the potential client is located a block from your offices or halfway around the world. Mobile apps are also a way to increase the visibility of companies online and they help them better target potential customers through data collection.

In addition, a mobile app is a tool that allows organizations to monitor the growth of their business and increase their reach. 10RUPTiV is a multidisciplinary agency that has the skills and qualifications necessary to develop and deploy these kinds of applications. We offer an exhaustive range of services when it comes to designing mobile apps for a variety of platforms.


Located on the North Shore of Montreal, 10RUPTiV is an agency with an in-depth expertise for creating mobile apps. Once you’ve outlined your idea, 10RUPTiV will take care of developing a mobile app that will allow you to take advantage of exceptional business opportunities. Our development service covers everything related to mobile app programming and will be able to design a tool that is in line with your clients’ needs, no matter what these are.

Moreover, various products have been developed and can be made available on numerous platforms. Our team is able to unlock the full potential of mobile devices to integrate whatever features you’d like to be included in your app. With our team of passionate experts, our agency will be able to meet and exceed your expectations.

Mobile app development for Android and iPhone, geolocation, and motion detectors

10RUPTiV relies on cutting-edge tools to build applications in line with your unique vision and business objectives. Users will be able to use your apps on a variety of mobile platforms. Our agency can also recommend native applications that are efficient and practical. These can be used on iOS and Android systems running on mobile phones and tablets.

Why should you look into building your own app? The answer is simple. You’ll be able to benefit from myriad features such as an accelerometer, geolocation, or even motion detectors. We’ll make sure to implement these modules on applications to help your company’s prospects follow you, or even the other way around. It’s an effective way of increasing or triggering sales or any other kind of action you have in mind.

The apps we build will be easily accessible and downloadable via popular platforms. If you want a Web or hybrid application, that is to say something between mobile and Web, 10RUPTiV will be able to help.


10RUPTiV has the know-how necessary to take on your projects and turn your bold ideas into reality. The applications we build will be able to evolve in line with your goals and provide innovative solutions to your recurring and daily challenges. Our team will adapt to your environment to recommend bespoke solutions that are right in line with your aspirations. Furthermore, our applications are completely scalable so they will be able to keep up with the changes your organization undergoes over time.

Powerful tools

At 10RUPTiV, we create apps using only the most sophisticated and reliable tools. We’ll also make sure we add a personal touch with state-of-the-art software. But a successful mobile app is more than just cutting-edge programming. We make sure we start off on the right foot by listening to your needs and understanding your precise expectations. The final product will be based on an innovative vision and take into account each of your business objectives.

For instance, if you want your application to be an autonomous tool that provides certain services, 10RUPTiV’s team of experts are more than up to the challenge. We can recommend features that are adapted to your needs. And the same goes if you want to comply with accessibility standards or develop features tailored to specific sectors of activity.

10RUPTiV will also sit down with you to define the application format and tool that are the most suited to your project. For every mandate it undertakes, 10RUPTiV relies on its skills to fully understand your requirements and constraints. Because of our years of experience, we’ll be able to guarantee one-of-a-kind, reliable applications that will help you stand out in your field.

Mobile apps built from the ground up

We build applications in collaboration with you. That means the 10RUPTiV team supports you throughout the entire process. Our priority is to forge a close, long-lasting partnership with you and your team.

In fact, our agency has made it a point of pride to maintain a solid relationship and open communications with our clients, from the initial phase of the project to its deployment and delivery. In other words, your app will be completely personalized to your project, no matter how big or small.

Scalable mobile apps

10RUPTiV will make sure your applications can grow in line with your initial objectives. To do so, we rely on modular coding and programming. This also makes it simpler to maintain your application. It will therefore be easy to update your mobile apps to meet the changes that occur in your company.

Whether these changes affect your teams, your business objectives, your challenges, or the processes that are integrated into the online management aspect of your organization, your app evolves right alongside you. That’s because we only use the most cutting-edge software to ensure your application and its features keep up with the goals you have today and ones you might have in the future.

The right answers to your frequently asked questions

10RUPTiV is able to take on mandates to develop apps for any sector of activity. Whether you need to manage your company’s production activities, monitor communications, or follow up on the actions you undertake, we’ll design the solution that suits you.

Once the project has been clearly defined, 10RUPTiV will leverage all its skills and experience to deliver results. You can expect a final project that is carefully designed and fully operational.

If you’re thinking about creating mobile apps, 10RUPTiV is your ally to make your ideas tangible and better. Our team is dedicated, passionate, and can help you take advantage of new business opportunities. So don’t wait and get in touch with us today for your mobile app projects.

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