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Information technology (IT) is a world that now includes increasingly powerful tools which have become invaluable in our everyday lives. It’s an incredibly creative field that is in constant evolution. That’s why it’s so important for business leaders to get access to the right information to prevent their organizations from falling behind in terms of technological equipment and techniques. If you need to outsource your IT services to an external party, trust 10RUPTiV. Read on to discover everything we have to offer to help you optimize your company’s IT systems.


IT outsourcing, or externalization, refers to a process whereby a company calls upon an external tech specialist to take over the management aspect of their IT infrastructures. This could include myriad services such as Web hosting and website development, digital marketing, email management services, networking, development of applications or software, IT security, monitoring, and much more. IT outsourcing will allow your company to save time and focus its efforts on its own activities instead of dealing with computing systems. An outsourced expert will be able to leverage their know-how and expertise to monitor your IT environment in a continuous, proactive way. 10RUPTiV is a team of tech professionals who make sure they keep up to date with the latest digital trends and technological progress. With their experience, they’ll be able to provide the services that meet your high standards. In fact, with 10RUPTiV, you’ll be able to take advantage of software updates, new developments in terms of digital tools and equipment, and the latest technological processes.

If you need to implement a powerful tech infrastructure in your organization, 10RUPTiV’s professionals will lend you their expertise. We’ve built a solid reputation for providing outstanding services to clients who own businesses dealing with the same challenges you face. 10RUPTiV’s extensive range of services cover the numerous tech needs of a company such as data storage, technical support, cabling, networking, IT security, and much more.


The success of an IT project depends not only on the IT experts themselves, but on the right planning and processes that have to be undertaken before the project can even begin. No matter the size of your company, the tech expert will be able to provide an in-depth assessment of your needs in order to recommend the most suitable technological solutions. At 10RUPTiV, we can rely on experts who are definitely up to the challenge. We will assess your needs and requests, design and deploy the right technological services, and advise you on how to use them. And you can rest assured that the quality of our services will meet and exceed your expectations. That’s because we have more than 25 years of experience in tech solutions and IT outsourcing.

Furthermore, 10RUPTiV can also offer tech mentorship services to you and your team. If your company already has an IT department, we can support it or provide training services to help your staff strengthen their IT capabilities to optimally manage your computing systems. This mentorship service can be a powerful tool to help you design and install cutting-edge, robust IT infrastructures.


To make sure your business is as efficient as possible, you need more than a state-of-the-art tech infrastructure. You also need the right maintenance service that will oversee and monitor every component of this infrastructure, no matter how big or small. 10RUPTiV is proud to provide you with a high-quality post-sales service. No matter what kind of problem arises in your computing systems, our team of experts will be able to quickly intervene to your utmost satisfaction. 10RUPTiV’s tech professionals can also provide remote support or if required, they’ll come to your premises to carry out any technical work needed. One of the biggest advantages of partnering with 10RUPTiV is that one of our experts is always available if you need technical support.


Data backup and storage solutions are now critical to helping companies remain competitive in their sector of activities. In this vein, 10RUPTiV offers clients an efficient management service to secure and safeguard their company’s data. Our experts will be able to implement complex security protocols that will prevent unauthorized breaches and hacks. They can also encrypt and backup your data on our own infrastructures. With our services, peace of mind is guaranteed because we can recover your data in the case of a disaster or any other problem.

Why you should call on 10RUPTiV for your company’s tech needs

In addition to its impressive range of high-quality services and solutions, there are many reasons why you should rely on 10RUPTiV to support you in your IT projects. In fact, we have our own servers which we make sure are fully secure and regularly maintained by our skilled professionals. 10RUPTiV’s services are simple and flexible because we backup the data we oversee several times a day. Our servers are also able to house an endless amount of data. That’s only a few of the many advantages of calling upon 10RUPTiV. You’ll cut the costs associated with maintaining your IT infrastructure and you’ll benefit from unlimited data storage space along with quick and flexible services.

With all the recent advances in the digital world, companies need to adopt technological solutions that make them more efficient and more sustainable. 10RUPTiV is your partner of choice for any technological services and solutions you need. Our team of experienced professionals are more than capable of guiding you through the many, sometimes overwhelming amount of tech products that are now available on the market. They’ll make sure that the solution they recommend meets your organization’s specific needs. Thanks to our more than two decades of experience, you’ll be sure to enjoy high-quality services that will make your systems efficient and secure.

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