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An employee is leaving the company? Caution!

What’s the right way to do it?

The PointPub Media team understands that dismissing an employee is not an easy task, and several factors come into play. Unfortunately, at times, the employee’s collaboration may leave something to be desired. We suggest staying a step or two ahead in case things take a wrong turn. So, if you intend to let go of an employee, we should be among the first to know. That’s important! Preferably before the dismissal takes place!

Why? To allow us time to revoke their access, whether it’s networks, email, and/or applications. Therefore, it’s crucial to anticipate the termination. PointPub Media could then synchronize with you and shut down access to the accounts and devices of the departing individual, even remotely. This ensures a smooth and trouble-free departure.

It’s almost the same process for a resignation. This situation can end amicably, but it can also lead to conflict. Generally, there is a two-week notice period. Be cautious, as during these two weeks, if the person has resigned involuntarily or has ill intentions, they might create unfavorable situations for you. That’s what we don’t want! Take advantage of these two weeks to keep us informed about the decision made!

If we talk about termination and resignation, next comes hiring! To give us ample time to adequately prepare for the new employee’s role and set up their access, give us a little heads-up. Discuss it with your supervisor! They can provide you with the necessary information. It’s important to clearly inform us of the new person’s name; transmitting this information accurately is crucial. What access should we grant them? Is it the same access as the former employee? And if there’s a hiring for a new position, you should also inform us, as we might need to order work tools, so the necessary equipment must be planned for. Will they need a desktop or a laptop? Where will they be situated? Etc… We’ll be delighted to have a few days to provide you with excellent service!

In conclusion, we ask that you inform us as soon as possible about your decisions regarding layoffs, resignations, or hirings. In short, whatever decisions concern employee status! We also suggest limiting access to sensitive data to protect yourselves, thus increasing the chances of avoiding complications. But if not, remember, we’re always here to help you!