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Setting up a new business means putting in place a high-performance IT system capable of helping you achieve your objectives. As such, it’s important to entrust the work to a company that knows its stuff and has a proven track record in the field. If you’re located in Boisbriand, here are the different services our 10RUPTiV agency offers to support you.

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IT solutions for businesses in Boisbriand


Our Web agency can help you solve many of the problems you face within your company. The infra service actually enables you to anticipate all activities and reduce the risk of unforeseen events impacting production. It also enables your company to avoid a situation of long-term inactivity.

Overall, Industry 4.0 represents a process that is more preventive, faster and more predictable than anything else on the market. Whatever processes you use in your company, Industry 4.0 helps you to standardize and simplify them. You can also use this technology to centralize information and make it available to everyone. You can use it to connect all the devices in your department appropriately, making them easier to use.

In order to make this technology accessible to all companies, several means and technologies have been put in place. These include industrial home automation, sensors, increased analysis and the use of cyber-physical systems.

  • Industrial home automation
    In industry, home automation can be used to change the way things are done in a number of areas. Whether for security, lighting, production or procurement, it enables processes to be automated and centralized within the company.
  • Failure prevention sensors
    The technology developed by Industry 4.0 can be introduced into your company’s IT system or into the system of your machines. From that moment on, it is capable of warning you in the event of a failure.
  • Enhanced data analysis
    To check that your company’s various systems are running smoothly, you can use enhanced analysis. This analysis is based on real data and statistics from your company’s sales and production.
  • Cyber-physical systems
    Cyber-physical systems are a set of elements that help control the physical processes that are applied in your company. They are also a good way of improving the efficiency of the physical services your company offers.

IT outsourcing

For proper management of your company’s IT system in Boisbriand, we recommend IT outsourcing. This practice involves entrusting the management of IT tasks to a company offering specific services in this field. 10RUPTiV puts experts with years of experience and the skills required to manage your company’s IT tasks at your disposal.

These professionals are at your service for tasks such as IT infrastructure management and maintenance. They are also experts in IT security, workstation maintenance, license renewal and upgrades.

For site or software development, programming and IT monitoring, our professionals are ready to support you.


We offer you the right support in the field of IT technology to find the ideal solution for your situation. Our team of experts is on hand to advise you throughout the process of installing and maintaining your company’s IT system.

Technical assistance and support

Our experts are there to support you, whether it’s for the installation of your IT system, for maintenance, or for full or partial outsourcing. You’ll benefit from quality support, available whenever you need it. What’s more, our after-sales service is there to support you once your equipment has been installed. A professional is also available to serve you at all times.

Data backup and security

When it comes to data backup and security, our Boisbriand office is there to help. We offer encrypted backups to protect you from any hacking attempts or other inconveniences. With our services, you have less risk of losing data even in the event of a major incident.

Security and networks

IT security and monitoring are part of our area of expertise. It’s important to consider the security aspects of your business. We can offer you services including VPN (Virtual Private Network) installation, firewall and anti-spam solutions, web filtering and access management. For structured cabling, as well as IP telephony, our company is committed to supporting you.


Once you’ve set up or expanded your business, it’s important to focus on its management, and to do this, you need the best possible equipment. Depending on the specific services your company offers, we can support you throughout the entire process of installing your IT system. In fact, our experts in this field are on hand to help you find solutions to all your concerns.

Our team of developers and programmers can design software that will help you save time and money. If your business is located in Boisbriand, you can contact us to benefit from the expertise of our programming professionals. Likewise, if you need advice, the experts at our agency can guide you in your choice of software, or recommend a program that’s just right for you.

Your habits, your environment and your expectations will be taken into account so that we can provide you with the software and programs best suited to your needs. Whatever the particularities of your project, we’ll support you every step of the way. If you’re looking for the right software for your accounting, billing or inventory operations, you can count on our expertise.