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How to terminate an employee without compromising company information?

Most would agree that “letting go” of an employee is never easy, regardless of the reason: budget cuts, job dissatisfaction, or other factors. The collaboration can end on good or bad terms. It may be better to be one or two steps ahead in case things go wrong.

Indeed, an employee often has access to a variety of more or less sensitive information about the company, depending on their “status”: software, email account, website… this extends to social media accounts as well. How can you ensure that someone seeking personal revenge doesn’t decide to delete all the content from their email account, for example, or even remove your Admin status from your own Facebook page?

Minimal Required Access

The security of your company’s data also involves its protection from within. Prevention starts right from the hiring process. Provide the minimum required access based on the job role. Not everyone needs all permissions. This could save you some trouble if the relationship were to end and even prevent potential data theft in worst-case scenarios.

At PointPub Media, the security of our clients’ infrastructure and data is paramount. When we perform IT installations, we never grant full access to everyone. The fewer individuals have access to sensitive data, the better our chances of avoiding leaks…

Maintaining Control of Your Professional Social Media Networks

Many companies make the wise choice to delegate the management of their social media networks. But what happens if you need to part ways with the person in charge?

  • Firstly, never grant an employee Admin status (For example, an Editor role provides access to many Page features without granting all rights).
  • Engage a professional for your social media management. In addition to helping you establish your goals and a publishing schedule, they will ensure not to compromise access to your accounts.

Schedule the exact moment of termination

The honeymoon period is over, and unfortunately, you need to part ways with an employee? Precisely schedule the day and time for the termination meeting. Being involved in infrastructure and security, PointPub Media could coordinate with you to remotely close access to accounts and devices of the departing individual, ensuring a departure without any disruptions.

As you’ve understood, the key is caution. Feel free to reach out to us for security advice!