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Navigating into the future: the must-have Web trends of 2024

Last year, we ended with an article on which Web trends were popular in 2023. Let’s do things differently this year, and start it off with an article on which trends we’ll be seeing the most of over the next 351 days.

Photo collages

A trend borrowed from the art of scrapbooking and collage, there’s always more room for creativity with the mix of photos, illustrations or icons. Collages give a sense of the care and application put into creating a design. They are very popular for their “homemade” and sometimes psychedelic look. It’s also possible to add a movement effect, which brings a dynamism to creations.


Collage illustration isn’t just about adding a moustache to someone or a top hat to some animal (although that’s always fun), it’s about layering graphic and photographic elements. It’s more about personalizing images and adding a funkier touch to your designs.

Immersive and interactive 3D elements

We talked about this in last year’s article, but 3D elements are still at the top of the list of designs we might see in 2024.

Interactive websites allow users to interact with the website, either by scrolling or by clicking on separate elements.

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Fonts can also be interactive. They offer users an even more immersive experience, such as a movement effect on click or hover.

The 404 error code

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Empty, uncreative 404 error pages are a thing of the past! This trend aims to make the famous 404 error message that users may encounter when accessing a non-existent web page more attractive and, above all, more engaging. Now’s the time to let your imagination run wild with your “dad jokes” and integrate them into this new page with a humorous image; this will create a surprise effect, and maybe even a little smirk.

Think outside the box: you can even add a GIF or animation for your error page.

Oversized typography

As we already noted last year (and also discussed in our article on trends for 2023), typography is taking on an increasingly important role. Nowadays, we can see typography with unusual proportions. Whether used in minimalist or maximalist designs, it is now seen as a graphic element in its own right. It’s very versatile, and can be imagined for any style!

Be bold and dare color

Blue, purple, pink, green… this year you’re likely to see daring and, above all, dazzling color combinations. Bright colors will make their way into designs, bringing a luminous and sometimes even neon effect to websites.

This trend is particularly beneficial for two-color websites. A bichromatic design is a design in two different tones, and with this trend they will be able to create a visual by combining perfectly opposite colors.

Abstract illustrations/imperfect design

Despite what you might think, playing on abstract illustrations offers a more natural rendering. The aim of both trends is to bring emotional value and authenticity. For example, icons could be hand-drawn.

Surrealism could fall into this category. Fantasy and the most surprising combinations perfectly define this style.

Pixel art

Let’s go back to childhood with this trend we’re seeing more and more. This style is inspired by 8-bit video games: aaah what nostalgia! It requires a certain amount of precision, but it’s still one of the most entertaining trends around. This time-consuming and meticulous work requires a particularly precise technique. Two tools are tolerated: pencil and eraser; anything else is not accepted!

If you feel like it, try it for yourself !

The primary objective of a website is to capture the user’s attention, whether with a personalized design, bright colors or bold style.

Remember, your website should reflect you. To adapt your website to the latest trends, contact us; our graphic designers will probably have a great time putting your ideas on paper (let’s say tablet, being in 2024) 😉