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There’s nothing better than stable, secure IT infrastructure to propel a company to the top of the top. If your ambition is to boost the technological aspect of your company, the implementation of an action plan to make your technological infrastructure more operational is necessary.

However, expertise is needed to better structure your various technological equipment, whether structured cabling, Web filtering, home automation or IP telephony.

Through this article, we present the services and assets of our agency specialized in the maintenance and security of your IT equipment.

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IT solutions for businesses on the South Shore


In many companies, the production chain is driven by artificial intelligence. Thus, equipment malfunctions can occur unexpectedly, compromising the performance of production units.

The installation of an efficient device, capable of predicting the occurrence of damage is therefore essential. It offers flexibility to anticipate actions to avoid unforeseen situations. This is only possible through the simplification and standardization of the company’s operating protocols.

This innovative and futuristic device is Industry 4.0 rightly called «the fourth industrial revolution». It is a real technological arsenal perfectly adapted to preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance operations.

Different customized solutions on the South Shore

New innovative techniques are used to make Industry 4.0 operational. These technologies include industrial home automation, particularly in the field of security, supply, lighting, etc.

Its main function is to centralize and automate the various processes within the company. Industry 4.0 is also about setting up an increased data analysis system and installing sensors to prevent failures.

Finally, the installation of cybernetic system allows an efficient control of physical processes in the industrial field.

IT outsourcing on the South Shore

The advent of the 10RUPTiV agency is a real performance lever for industries on the south shore of Montreal. And for good reason, the fourth industrial revolution of which it advocates the virtues allows computer outsourcing.

It is a process that allows to delegate the management of IT tasks to a company with proven expertise in the field. Companies have the choice between full or partial outsourcing of tasks. These include IT monitoring, computer network security, software and website design.


At 10RUPTiV, it is above all a dynamic and experienced team, ready to meet your most demanding expectations. Providing technological solutions in line with your needs is the motto of 10RUPTiV.

With all due respect to our competitors, we offer services of rare perfection in the field of technology and computing. We have 25 years of experience serving a diverse clientele.

Many companies on the South Shore of Montreal already benefit from our expertise and advice in setting up their technological infrastructures.


For the installation of an IT structure and for the partial or complete outsourcing of your technological processes, there is nothing better than using our services.

Resolutely committed to customer satisfaction, our structure offers effective after-sales support. An emergency technical support service is even set up for full-time and unrestricted access to the services of a specialist.


For a company that wants to be protected from computer attacks and digital data theft, better support for its IT component is required.

While making a point of preventing risks related to data loss, 10RUPTiV ensures the protection and encrypted backups of your companies’ data. Thus, it protects the latter from possible inconveniences that could affect the IT infrastructure.


There is nothing more compromising for a company than the harmful consequences of a cyber attack. Many companies pay the highest price every year. Industry 4.0 offers high-performance private VPNs, firewalls, and antivirus that can handle any offensive actions against your computer network.

The security of your computer equipment is all the more important as structured cabling must be carried out as a prelude to the construction of your premises or before any renovation. Access management and web filtering are also important for the control of websites and web pages presenting a strategic issue for the company.