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Consultant and IT support St-Eustache

In a world increasingly dominated by ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), it is becoming very difficult for businesses to thrive without advanced digital technologies. Discover in this page two services that 10RUPTiV offers to make your business more productive.

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IT Solutions in St-Eustache for Business

INFRA and outsourcing in St-Eustache

To be more productive, some companies are now using Industry 4.0. This is also what we make available to your company. Indeed, Industry 4.0 allows to solve in a firm the problems related to the planning. This revolutionary technology makes it possible to anticipate at all levels and thus avoid unexpected situations that could slow down the company’s productivity or even paralyze it. Better, it simplifies the different processes of the company.

To make Industry 4.0 functional, different solutions and technologies are designed and implemented. These customizable solutions operate at different levels. These include:

  • Industrial automation: it automates and centralizes the different processes within a company. It takes into account several sectors, including communication, the operation of facilities, computing.
  • Sensors to prevent failures: Industry 4.0 implements monitoring tools in your computer systems that can prevent you from malfunctioning.
  • Increased data analysis: it is done throughout the different stages of production and is based on real data and statistical facts. It aims to improve the productivity of your business.
  • The use of cyberphysical systems: these systems promote better control of the various physical processes within a society. They use back-feed to make services better by correcting errors.

Our company provides you with a stable and secure IT infrastructure to make your life easier.

Outsourcing for efficient IT management

IT outsourcing is the practice of delegating the management of various IT tasks to a company specialized in the field. By choosing to outsource with us, you will not only be entitled to personalized services with experts with experience and skills for effective IT management. You can therefore decide to outsource all or part of the following tasks: the management, maintenance and integration of the various IT infrastructures; the security of your IT networks; the maintenance of workstations; updates, license renewals; different IT management strategies; website and software development; programming; IT monitoring.

The local consultation

Our team at 10RUPTiV is in charge of analyzing with you the situation in Saint-Eustache, to understand your expectations and your IT needs for adapted and adequate technological solutions. With at least 25 years of experience, we are the team that will be able to handle any project in the field.

Does the technology mentor service mean anything to you? By choosing this service, you will benefit from our expertise and advice when installing your structures and your IT group.

Technical assistance and support

When you choose our services for the installation of your IT structure or as part of a partial or total outsourcing of your IT, you will be able to benefit from quality support and full time. Our service offer even provides unique, original and competent after-sales support.

Backup and security of your data

The backup and security of your data is a point that you should not neglect in business. 10RUPTiV, by supporting the management of the IT aspect of your entity, guarantees you a service not only of quality, but also very secure.

The encrypted backups that we can perform protect you from any inconvenience that may occur one day within your premises or your IT infrastructure. Know that we make a point of honor on the prevention of the risks of data loss.

Security and networks

Security and networks, this component covers several aspects whose implementation ensures the operation of your processes safely.

  • IT monitoring is crucial in a company that wants to optimally manage its infrastructures. Any company that dreams of growing must put a special emphasis on the development of an effective and above all secure communication system.
  • The VPN (Virtual Private Network) as its name suggests is a virtual private network located on the Internet.
  • Firewall and anti-spam: the implementation of a firewall by our services aims to ensure the security of your network while taking into account its peculiarities.
  • Web filtering and access management: this device has the main function of limiting access of your positions to websites and web pages that are only important to the company.
  • Structured cabling is a process that comes to life when you build or renovate your premises.
  • IP telephony is a new means of communication that uses a system capable of transforming voices into data made available through the net.


Running a business these days is not easy. Indeed, competition is tough and you need the best tools to ensure the sustainability of your business. Knowing that the specificity of your company and its activities is essential, 10RUPTiV provides qualified professionals who can help you find solutions that meet your needs.

Specialized in enterprise software development, our agency based in St-Eustache can help you integrate the best tools into your IT department. With our expertise, we are a reference in computer science.

Depending on your needs, our professionals will give you the necessary guidance to make the most of your different software. Custom application/software development, we can do it thanks to our skills in the IT world. The software we develop is customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

In addition, whether it is the creation of mobile applications or custom accounting, billing or inventory software, you can count on the expertise of our company to find a powerful and easy-to-use solution.