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Scientific and technological advances are taking on a dimension that goes beyond all expectations. While they offer significant benefits, many businesses struggle to adopt or keep pace. The 10RUPTiV agency addresses many concerns of companies. These companies are located in Terrebonne.

Specialized in the supply of industrial and technological services to companies, 10RUPTiV has more than 25 years of experience. Discover more about the services of this giant intervening everywhere and in the city of Terrebonne. They mainly revolve around infra and application development!

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IT Solutions in Terrebonne


The industry sector will undergo many changes with the advent of Industry 4.0. It brings new approaches to solutions to promote better business management. Still known as the industry of the future, it eliminates all barriers that could hinder the development of companies. Industry 4.0 anticipates and displays great speed to prevent different situations that can lead to a decrease in productivity or inactivity. Enterprise 4.0 is preventive, predictable and fast.

With the standardization and simplification of systems and processes in companies, Industry 4.0 offers considerable advantages. Indeed, in addition to centralizing information, it makes it much more accessible by connecting devices and certain software. In order for this new form of industry to be truly functional, we must base ourselves on certain elements. These include industrial home automation, the use of cyber-physical systems and sensors.

10RUPTiV provides real qualified professionals for these installations in companies. You can rest assured that you will benefit from new optimal performance to achieve better results. The goal of industrial automation is to revolutionize all aspects related to lighting, security and industrial production. Its role is to automate and centralize several processes within a company. This home automation is particularly interested in sectors such as IT, communication and the operation of facilities.

The use of cyber-physical systems ensures good management of the various physical processes in a company. They use reverse power in order to improve services while correcting flaws. In addition, sensors are very important to prevent failures. Once integrated into the machines, these devices are very effective in identifying and correcting any system malfunctions.

Outsourcing for efficient IT management

Outsourcing is a strategic process that involves entrusting the management of its IT tasks to a specialized company. To benefit from the best service, choose your agency. Our services offer the best results. In Terrebonne in particular, 10RUPTiV guarantees optimal intervention in several areas:

  • programming;
  • IT monitoring;
  • the security of your computer networks;
  • maintenance of workstations;
  • the implementation of updates;
  • the renewal of licences.

10RUPTiV puts your satisfaction first.

The consultation in Terrebonne

It is not uncommon for companies to face situations that are quite uncomfortable for the evolution of their activities. In these cases, it is often recommended to call on real experts. Adopting 10RUPTiV is the best alternative. Indeed, you will benefit from a quick and effective intervention to establish the diagnosis to adequately meet the IT needs. With its 25 years of existence, our company has great expertise and unparalleled experience.

LOCAL technical assistance and support

The IT system is the foundation of any successful business. You should have an optimal installation in your IT structures. To achieve this, you receive support and technical assistance from 10RUPTiV.

In addition to offering quality support, we are available 24/7 for emergencies. The giant has all the necessary equipment and frame. Its concern is to provide optimal assistance to companies in order to achieve maximum profitability.

Backup and security of your data

The backup and security of your data is a prerequisite for the efficiency of your business. For optimal management of this sector, use 10RUPTiV. In the city of Terrebonne too, you can enjoy these excellent benefits. We intervene effectively for everything related to the computer system of companies. Thus, you prevent unwanted and harmful situations in your computer system. These elements also help ensure the security of your network.

Security and networks

This involves ensuring the optimal functioning of all elements that ensure safety in the company. These include:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) ;
  • firewall and anti-spam ;
  • Web filtering and access management ;
  • Structured cabling that is carried out during the construction or renovation of company premises ;
  • the IP telephony.

10RUPTiV ideally offers these different services to ensure the security of companies.


With the evolution of technology, managing your business properly is far from a pleasure. Generally, only structures with advanced tools and equipment are able to dominate their market. Fortunately, 10RUPTiV puts real experts at your company’s disposal. Thus, they effectively meet the needs to help achieve optimal performance. The 10RUPTiV experts intervene easily in Terrebonne.

Our team is composed of programmers specialized in the design of customized software for companies. This allows you to integrate the best tools and equipment into your IT department. In addition, our experience in the sector promotes the design and development of custom application/ software for a variety of needs.

To remain competitive in the market and to constantly increase your performance, you need to integrate the best industrial and technological tools into your system. Clearly, 10RUPTiV offers the best guarantees for these services. This is the ideal solution to increase efficiency and productivity.