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The risks of having administrator rights on your computer

While having control over your computer is nice, it’s essential to understand why it’s not advisable to have administrator rights on your work computer. The risks involved can be devastating for the security of your data and your digital life. We’ll save total control for the home!

Protecting your data is your priority


When you use an administrator account, you allow malicious programs to make far-reaching changes to your operating system. Malware and viruses exploit these rights to spread rapidly and cause damage, sometimes irreparable. By using a user account, you limit access to malware.

What’s more, having administrator rights means you can access all system files, including those containing the most sensitive information. Should your account be compromised, hackers have complete access to your personal data (including photos, confidential documents and much more).

Human error: avoidable but unavoidable

It goes without saying that everyone makes mistakes. But when you’re an administrator, a simple mistake can have far-reaching consequences. Mistakenly deleting essential system files or making inappropriate changes can render your computer unusable. With standard rights, you don’t have the ability to modify important settings, so the risk of consequences is much lower.

Don’t forget web browsing. With administrator rights, you could accidentally authorize a malicious download. These programs can slow down your computer, display unwanted ads or even compromise your online browsing security.

Updates: an aspect too often neglected

System and software updates are important for your computer’s security. However, administrator rights can lead some people to neglect these updates. When your rights are restricted to standard ones, this encourages more proactive management of updates, strengthening your system’s protection.

Although administrator status may seem very attractive, as it gives you total freedom over your computer, it’s essential to understand the risks involved. In the event of a major problem, system recovery can be more complex with administrator rights, sometimes requiring professional assistance. What’s more, unauthorized software and modifications can cause significant slowdowns and degrade computer performance. Leave these rights to your IT team!