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10RUPTiV is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary agency offering a range of solutions to suit your reality. For over 25 years, we’ve been representing a group of passionate experts capable of exploiting technological tools to their full potential. Our ambition is to make your life easier with our know-how. Find out more about our services, which are proving indispensable in solving your technology problems on the North Shore.

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IT solutions for businesses on the North Shore


Industry 4.0 is a new technology that solves problems related to the planning of activities within a company. This technology makes it possible to anticipate all work in order to avoid unforeseen situations that slow down the company’s production. It enables the company to be more preventive, predictable and rapid. You should know that 10RUPTiV implements and uses various customized solutions on the North Shore to make Industry 4.0 functional within companies.

Industrial home automation

The aim of industrial home automation is to bring about a revolution in many areas of industry, including security, lighting and production. Home automation will enable industries on the North Shore to automate and centralize their various work processes. To achieve this, it will take into account communication, plant operation, IT and many other areas.

Sensors to prevent failures

Industry 4.0 is installing monitoring systems in companies that can alert you to malfunctions. Whether it’s your machines or your IT systems, our sensors can warn you in real time when a problem arises. This will enable you to better identify malfunctions within your structure, so you can intervene quickly.

Increased data analysis and use of cyber-physical systems

Increased data analysis takes place throughout the various stages of production. It is based on real data and statistical facts to optimize the company’s productivity. Cyber-physical systems, on the other hand, enable better control of the various physical processes within an industry. Thanks to feedback, these systems improve services by correcting errors.


IT outsourcing involves entrusting the management of your various IT tasks to a company specializing in the field such as 10RUPTiV. With our experts as rich in experience as in skills, you will benefit from several personalized services. For example, you may decide to entrust us with some or all of your projects :

  • management, maintenance and integration of the various IT infrastructures ;
  • performing license updates and renewals ;
  • development of websites and software;
  • programming, etc.

Nothing more simple and effective to increase the responsiveness and productivity of your structure.


We also offer consulting services to ensure the success of a project in any North Shore company. We will analyze the situation with you, identify your IT expectations in order to provide appropriate technological solutions. In particular, we have a mentor service in the technological field. Thus, you will benefit from our expertise and assistance during the installation of IT infrastructures.

In addition, we offer quality full-time technical support and assistance after our installation and contracting services. You will benefit from a unique and competent after-sales support. We also have specialists available 24/7 for emergency technical support services.


10RUPTiV is also a reference for securing data and computer networks.

Backup and security of your data

Every company must necessarily ensure the security of its data, the protection as well as the backup of them. For this purpose, you can trust 10RUPTiV, which will fully manage the IT side of your structure. We guarantee an efficient intervention as well as a quality and secure service. We perform an encrypted data backup that protects you from any inconvenience that may occur within your IT infrastructure.

Security and network

10RUPTiV is also involved in security and communication networks. Thanks to our IT monitoring, you can optimally manage your IT infrastructures. We also install a private VPN, antivirus or web filtering system, to prevent all kinds of cyber attacks and malware.

You can also use our structured cabling services. When redeveloping your premises, for example, you may have to restructure cables and wires for better transmission of digital information. Finally, our IP telephony service will allow you to better manage your calls and email boxes.