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What trends were popular in 2023?

As 2023 draws to a close (it wasn’t January yesterday, was it?), it’s time for a little recap of the Web trends that have been all the rage this year.

See life in color; artificial intelligence at your service

Like it or not, it's everywhere. This year, artificial intelligence could be called upon to create the perfect color palette simply by telling it a color (the dominant color of your logo, for example). Fast and efficient. 🙌

Responsive design

As we mentioned in our previous article, adaptive design is a must. In addition to improving your user experience, your SEO will be positively affected!

The 3D effect (no need to take out your glasses) 😎

The 3D, the metaverse… it’s straight out of another universe!

  • We were more used to websites with a flat, minimalist design, but in 2023, the 3D effect stood out!


  • If you really want to teleport to another universe, make way for the metaverse. Concept, New Online World… the metaverse is a virtual world, like Pokémon GOMinecraft and Roblox. Metavers are also used as inspiration to create 3D effects, whether for illustrations, backgrounds, text or other elements.

Immersive websites

They’re becoming a little rarer, but they’re still very much present. These websites offer an original and fun user experience. 🤪

Custom illustrations

To add a personal touch to your website, it’s a good idea to include illustrations that reflect your corporate image. Take our example; in our Agency section, we have personalized illustrations for each of our employees.

personnage _team_SEB
Sébastien, chief superhero
Karine, the lightning-fast assistant
personnage _team_LAU
Laurence, the passionate artistic director
personnage _team_M-H
Marie-Hélène, the 2.0 graphic designer

And the typography?

As with everything else, typography plays a very important role. Legibility is, of course, important to the user experience, but what about visuals? Choosing the right typography can make a website stand out at first glance!

There are several types of typography: serif, sans-serif and script. However, adding a touch of whimsy to your titles, for example, could make your site stand out. Letting yourself go never hurt anyone. 🤭


Here’s a short summary of the trends we saw in 2023. Can’t wait for the 2024 trends article 😉